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What is Spam Email?  And How to Fight It!

What is Spam Email? And How to Fight It!

What is spam email? It is a question we are often asked, followed by 'and how can I stop it?'. The reality is that spam email can be highly disruptive, insulting and dare I say it, sometimes amusing (but rarely). Spam email, which is also referred to as junk email, is...

How to Spot Email Scams

How to Spot Email Scams

Email is a fantastic commination tool. Most of us probably use it every single day. However, email scams are on the increase as a result. We are all in such a rush these days that sometimes we miss the minor details. We can easily find ourselves a victim of email...

Why Simple Website Design is Scientifically Better

Why Simple Website Design is Scientifically Better

We often get asked what is the key to a conversion-based website design? It turns out that the answer is to build a website and make it's website design as simple as possible. In 2012, Google performed an in-depth study relating to website design to assist them with...

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