Hosted Exchange

Your email, calendar and contacts all together, wherever you are


Business Class

Hosted Exchange is the enterprise class e-mail service regardless of how large or small your organisation is.  Enjoy a high-level of service without the operational headaches and hardware over-heads.  Work from anywhere and keep all your contacts, appointments and tasks in-sync across any device.

The Best for Business

Your customers probably have thousands of emails. Give them either 250GB or unlimited email storage with Signature Hosted Exchange 2016 – the UK’s biggest British mailbox – and deliver the gold standard in messaging services through Giacom. Our Signature Hosted Exchange is used by 130,000+ business individuals and is widely regarded as the #1 choice for IT resellers like you.

Mailbox with 250GB storage


Outlook licenses available


Outlook Web App included


Up to 10 alias per account


Stay Organised

Hosted Exchange is the best business communication platform in the world and ensures that all your vital communications are at your fingertips, whether it’s on your desktop PC, smart phone, laptop or tablet device.  With exchange you remain fully organised and don’t need to use third party applications to synchronise all your vital communications and contact data.

No Capital Investment

Now more than ever, your business needs cost-effective and flexible communication tools. With Hosted Exchange, E-mail becomes instant and gives you access to shared calendars, contacts and documents.

Moving to Hosted Exchange gives you better control of your costs by reducing the need for expensive hardware installations and ongoing maintenance, without sacrificing service and quality.  Our Exchange environment is super-resilient, fully managed and every email is scanned for viruses and spam before it arrives in your inbox.

Peace of Mind

Any organisation is under pressure to cut costs, streamline the business, become more productive and efficient, whilst making themselves more available to clients and colleagues.

Hosted Exchange gives you the opportunity to enhance your customer service and business efficiency by enabling you to contact, collaborate and share wherever you are and whenever you need to without having to worry about your emails.

E-Mail Encryption

Sometimes you will need to send large file transfers over email. But if it’s sensitive corporate and financial information, how can you ensure the recipient receives the email without internal or external tampering? With our encrypted e-mail solution you can send emails through an ironclad secure encryption network without worry.


Advanced Services

E-Mail Encryption

Send secure emails through an ironclad secure encryption network

E-Mail Archiving

Keep archives of all e-mail communications for up to 10 years

E-Mail Signatures

Take total control over your corporate email signatures for each user

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