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Cloud technology has been the emergent force in business over the last few years and comes in two forms, public and private cloud.  Public Cloud is services provided by third-party companies such as Google or Drop-Box.  Our Private Cloud solution is your own cloud server meaning you can see where your data is stored.

Deploy Your Cloud

Deploy your own private cloud and enable your business or home files to go with you on any device.  Instead of relying on third party providers where you have no control over your data storage, take back control and store the data yourself.  You can even stream multimedia files and setup your own access control lists and add advanced security settings.

File sharing and syncing

Data backup and recovery

Launch your own cloud

Data security built in

Stay in Control

Our Private Cloud servers make it easy to sync and access your files anytime, anywhere. Instead of leasing your data to a third party company and risking the integrity of your personal information, choose our private cloud solution for your documents, music, photos and video and stay secure and private.

Whenever you add, remove or edit a file on one of your computer, the change will automatically happen on other devices, including Mac and mobile devices. Your files always stay up-to-date wherever you go anywhere in the world. You can even access your files from your cloud without an Internet connection!

Increased Data Protection

Everyone now needs an efficient data protection strategy to eliminate the risk of data loss and with the introduction of Snapshot & Replication our private cloud solution offers organisatoins with near-continuous data protection for best RPO, rapid point-in-time recovery for the lowest RTO, as well as multi-site replication for more comprehensive protection.


Sharing is key to successful collaboration and with out private cloud solution you can setup shared folders and work efficiently with others. With Access Control Lists built in, you can control who can see what files and even who can edit what. Each folder is encrypted whilst the data is in rest and transit and even if the internet goes off you can continue working!

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