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Website Development

We build more than just websites, we build digital experiences

Make a Great First Impression with Your Website

You only get one chance to make a great first impression.  Make sure your website is a great one with our website development services.

oje website development

Websites Built to Convert

There is much more to a website development than just the way it looks. We are experts when it comes to creating websites for any situation and getting them to rank highly in search engines as well as convert.  Our website development services take you through the processes needed to get results online. We ensure you are equipped with the right web technologies to achieve your goals and our support services ensure your website remains secure, compliant and maintains and grows your digital credibility.


We Build Online Experiences

  • E-Commerce Websites
  • Corporate Websites
  • SME Websites
  • Sports Websites
  • Local Government Websites
  • Educational Websites
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Landing Pages
  • Community Websites
  • Membership Websites
  • Support Websites
  • Content Heavy Websites

Responsive by Design

Google ranks sites higher that are fully optimised for mobile devices.  Mobile friendliness is now the major ranking factor within search engine results which is why all our sites are designed across all platforms.  With our responsive design, we ensure all your content is readable no matter what device your customers choose to use, raising your brand and user experience.

Grow Online

Unified Website Services

  • Responsive website design
  • SEO friendly websites
  • Clean user experiences
  • Frictionless online payments
  • Lead generation tools
  • GDPR complaiance
  • SSL certificates
  • Content optimisation
  • Website push messaging
  • Media rich experiences
  • Content management systems
  • Website support

How We Work

We start any project with a ‘kick off’ meeting.  This enables us to welcome you to OJE and to get a further insight into any further thoughts you have had about your website project.  We might ask further question such as what websites do you like the look of?  How would you like your customers to feel when they land on your website?  What’s important to you that that they have easy access to?  Who is your target market?

Then, once we have a deeper understanding of your requirements and your target market, we get to work creating some initial designs.  We won’t build your entire website at this stage as it’s easier to modify individual pages than the whole site.  During this process we will also be testing the user experience (UX) and the general workflow of the customer journey throughout the site.

Once we agree the final design, we get to work finishing off the website, ensuring consistent design, quality content, and testting is completed.

Once you are happy with our work, we push the website live and run the final launch testing checklists.  We can then also help you evolve your website to increase your rankings and website traffic.


We find out your requirements and goals for your project and align the team.


Where are you now?  Where do you want to get to?  We show you how to get there.

UX and Content

User experience and content alignment to ensure a great customer journey.

Design and Build

This is where we get to work building your website in full.

Launch and Evolve

Your website is launched, and we can work with you to evolve and maintain it.