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Real-time Communication (RTC) is the emerging technology in business worldwide. RTC platforms are already being used in many different ways and this technology is changing the way customer interaction takes place. Our clients no longer need to be present to conduct consultations and appointments, they just have to be available with a wi-fi connection.

Welcome to the future of online customer service.

Discover New Opportunities

Guide customers through the check-out process and prevent them form leaving when they have issues via the online shop. You can also instantly serve a customer and see how they are using your website in real-time. Give your customers the service they need, when they need it.

Better engage with customers

Resolve issues quickly

Gain immediate feedback

Capure leads instantly

Help Your Customers

Help your customers when they need it. Just like when we walk into a store, we don’t always know where to look. With RTC enabled on your website, you can quickly guide customers to where they need to get to improving their experience of your business.

Gain Valuable Insights

Why wait until you receive your website visitor report when you can get it in real-time! See what browsers your customers are using, where they are based, how many times they have visited your site and what pages they have been looking at all before you engage in your first interaction.

Reduce Phonecalls

Reduce your calls and deal with issues directly via your website. Whilst on the phone you can only deal with one customer at a time (sometimes this is needed). With RTC you can serve multiple customers and advise them quickly with canned responses to frequent questions.

Speed Up Your Service

Ensure your customers are the best informed. RTC has been proven to add credability and customer satisfaction to the user experience due to the convenience it provides them. With auditing built in, you can ensure your employees deliver better and better customer service. You wil also ensure customers are more likely to remain on your site throughout the checkout process.


What Happens When I am Not There?

This is a common fear towards live chat solutions. The good news is, if you’re offline, it leaves a form for your customers to complete and you can then follow up at a later date with them. If they come back to your site, you will see their details and be able to converse with them too as if you’ve chatted before.

Where Can I Use RTC?

You can use Live Chat on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. It means you don’t have to be locked to one location.

Can I Blend With My Website Design?

Yes – everything can be designed to fit your brand and colour schemes.

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