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Our social media services focus on putting your business in a competitive and approachable position which enables you to tap into the two-way conversation happening between you and your customers.

From our social media audit, competitor analysis, and social media strategies, we’ll teach you how to take advantage of social media and how to successfully drive traffic to your site raising your brands awareness in the process.

Where We Start

We start with a social media audit to determine what you are currently doing, where you want to be, and then where you want to get to.  We establish the strategy for how you will use content and visual images to enhance your brand and engage with your customers.

Increased connections

Enhanced brand image

Increased web traffic

Social Media Strategy

With so many different social media platforms available, are you sure where to start?  Have you heard of social media but not sure what it is?  We will assess your needs and advise accordingly the right platforms to push your business through to avoid wasted time.

Social Media Tips and Tactics

If you already have a social media presence we might be looking to increase the exposure.  We will work with you to improve your brand image via social media platforms and support your marketing efforts, pointing you in the right direction no matter where you social media journey is at.

Software Recommendations

Social media campaigns take a lot of work to run consistently before you see results.  However, you can get results faster by using the right tools to analyse, assess and act on the feedback to your campaigns.

Profile Creations

You’ve likely taken great care in developing your brand and marketing material.  You need to take equal care in ensuring your social media platforms maintain those same high standards.  We will help you in getting up and running and ensuring you maintain your high standards.

Quality Content Creation

We can work with you to create a content strategy that creates an authoritative area for your brand as well as assisting you with your SEO .  We can support you in creating ideas for blog posts, writing the posts themselves, optimising existing content against your long term goals and showing you how to build greater awareness to potential customers.

What We Do

Social Strategy

Discover new opportunities and platforms

Platform Provisioning

Getting you on the right platforms


Saving you valuable time and energy

Competitive Analysis

See how you shape up to the competition

Branding and Avatars

Keep your professional image at all times

Sharing and Posting

Enabling others to promote you

Content Strategy

Supporting your content ceation goals

Content Optimisation

Creation and optimisation of your content


Monitoring your SEO progress


What Does it Mean to Go Viral?

There is no specific number of retweets, comments etc that would officially dictate that something has gone viral, but it is essentially a social media post which has many, many re-tweets and mentions, usually over 500,000 and into the millions. At the very least it will have been viewed by many people and often mentioned in the media.

What Does it Mean if Something is Trending?

If something is trending online it means there is a large thread of comments, posts and feedback that are assigned a particular category, usually denoted by a hashtag (#). If this has a number of posts associated to it, it is usually described as ‘trending’. You often might notice them during or events or during elections for example.

What is a Meme?

An Internet meme is a concept or idea that spreads “virally” from one person to another via the Internet. An Internet meme could be anything from an image to an email or video file, though it is usually an image of a person or animal with a funny or witty caption.

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