Enhancing Community Transport with Road XS

Community transport is fast becoming the backbone of local communities. The transport services mobilise and engage communities and meet the needs of people who do not have easy access to cars, taxis, busses and other forms of transport. The services usually cater for taking disabled people to work, children to school, sick people to healthcare appointments as well as to shops and clubs. Community transport is a safe, accessible, cost effective. Schemes are generally run by charities and voluntary organisations which are local to the community they serve.

In September 2016, we launched a community transport software called Road XS.  The software enables voluntary car and minibus schemes providing community transport services the ability operate completely paperless and sustain their services via the cloud. It allows for journeys to be fully tracked, volunteer drivers to be suggested, real-time reporting, estimated pickup times, cost controls, real-time departure boards and handles car sharing, minibuses and coaches all via a modern and easy to use design.

Our Road XS software helps saves costs to both passengers and drivers, saved considerable time in managing the entire transport service, over-hauled the data capture process, increased accuracy, streamlined the whole operation and provided in-depth insight into the value of community transport and the positive impact it has on the communities they serve.  One provider saw an increase of 107% in deman in the first two quarters of 2018 vs the same two quarters in 2017.  They managed the services despite having less staff and fewer resources.  Road XS shows how technology and cloud technology allows you to do more with less.

If you would like more information about Road XS please call 0330 113 1626 or visit www.roadxs.com

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