“It’s not the critic who counts; but the man who is in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat, who strives valiantly.”

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What is Spam Email? And How to Fight It!

What is spam email? It is a question we are often asked, followed by 'and how can I stop it?'. The reality is that spam email can be highly disruptive, insulting and, dare I say it, sometimes amusing (but rarely). Spam email, which is also referred to as junk email,...

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Website Success in 6 Easy Steps

Website success includes a well-defined set of workflows and thought so that your website converts visitors into customers.  There is much more going on than just how your website looks.  It also needs to leave behind a good experience.  Don't get caught up with just...

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Is Your Website Design Out of Touch?

As any organisation or business grows, it’s important that their website and website design continues to grow and evolve with them. Trends change and in order for you to remain relevant and with the curve, your web design and site require regular updates so that you...

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7 Easy Ways to Use Video in Business

Video marketing is on the rise, largely thanks to the accessibility of platforms such as YouTube.  It means you can quickly distribute marketing videos to a wide audience without the high cost of promoting your content via TV networks.  You can also reuse your video...

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Meet the Hosted Exchange Enterprise Mailbox

Our Hosted Exchange platform is one of our leading cloud services solutions in business communications.  We recently increased storage from 125GB to 250GB and now with the new Enterprise platform we’ve launched unlimited storage! The Enterprise Mailbox comes with an...

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Why Email Marketing Still Matters

Email marketing is one of your best marketing tools available. If you thought e-mail marketing had had it’s day, think again… ● Employees spend 13 of their working hours each week in their email inbox (on average) ● Personalized email messages improve click-through...

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Is Your Digital Life Stressing You Out?

Smartphones, tablets and mobiles have resulted in longer working hours, higher stress levels and blurred boundaries between personal and working life, according to a recent large-scale study. The study found that the digital revolution has had nothing but a negative...

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