Making Payments Easier

Making Payments Easier

Aug 6, 2018 | Cloud

Today we’re excited to announce what seems like a small change but will make our clients lives easier when it comes to invoicing.  We’ve partnered with Square for our invoicing and payments process and have already closed off our old invoicing system and begun invoicing from the new Square platform.

For existing clients there will be little change, but it means you can now pay invoices direct via the online terminal or via BACS.

Why Move to Square?

We wanted to make everyone’s life easier and Square was the perfect fit for the nature of our business.  It means we can easily send out invoices from any device and quickly send direct payment links to clients which speeds up the payment process.  It also ensures client don’t get pestered with annoying payment reminders too often as all payments are taken in real-time.

What About Security?

One of the reasons which prompted us to change was the emphasis Square placed on their security.  We wanted to protect ourselves and our clients better.  Square monitors every transaction 24/7 and are continuously improving their platform to prevent fraudsters.  They also adhere to strict industry standards and PCI compliance.

Square also handle all our compliance which provides us the platform and you the confidence to trust us when taking card payments via mobile devices or the virtual terminal.  You can find out more about their security standards here.

We are thrilled to have found a partner such as Square which will enable help us move forwards and focus on delivering innovative solutions.

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