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Bespoke Approach

Bespoke software is software which is made to fit you or your organisation. It simply means you get better solutions to your direct business problems. The process starts with us finding out your requirements and then designing and building the software to your unique needs.

You might have bought software ‘off the shelf’ before and realised most of it is not required but you made it fit your organisation anyway but were never really happy with it. With our bespoke software you get exactly what you need and operate at full throttle. Once we have your requirements we will provide you with a development cost and in the end you will then own the software.


Licensing Approach

Bespoke software development can be expensive and this can make bespoke solutions too costly to entertain for some organisations. However, if you find yourself in this situation we can still help. We will work closely with you and ask a minimal up front development/setup fee.

Once the software has been built we will license the software back to you and you will receive on-going software updates via the cloud. WIth this approach, you still get what you need but with a minimal up front cost.

Our Software


Road XS

Road XS community transport software takes a fresh approach to transport management.  The cloud based SaaS solution transforms the way you handle journey bookings and provides automated workflows to save time and costs for the transport provider.


Pinga Medical

The Pinga medical software has been built to take advantage of all the latest cloud based technology which exceeds current industry security standards.  Run your medical services in a streamlined manner for better performance and real time insight on all your data.


Passport Proven

Cloud based document verification tool for Right to Work, Right to Rent, Right to Study and general identity checks.  The software checks Passports, Travel Documents, Biometric Residence Permits, European Economic Area identity cards and Visas.  Non-Standard documents i.e. those identity documents that do not confirm to the international standard can be checked via the document checking specialists at Passport Proven.  Clients receive a report to assist them with the statutory excuse or other regulatory standards.


Process Hut

Raise your standards with Process Hut. From managing work teams, sports teams, procedures, registrations, bookings, operations and more! Process Hut ensures you provide the same standards and procedures across any aspect of your life be it at home or work. Bring everything together with Process Hut.

SaaS Sees 33% Increase in 2018

In 2018, 33% more business are using Software as a Service (SaaS) products than they were in 2018 due to reduced costs, scalability and support.

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