7 Easy Ways to Use Video in Business

by | 12 Jun, 2019 | Digital

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Video marketing is on the rise, largely thanks to the accessibility of platforms such as YouTube.  It means you can quickly distribute marketing videos to a wide audience without the high cost of promoting your content via TV networks.  You can also reuse your video content across social media platforms and rely upon social proofing and sharing for getting your video out there!

Wyzol’s 2017 State of Video Marketing shows that 83% of businesses using video think its gives them a good ROI and 82% think it’s a key part of their strategy.  Of those that weren’t using video and then developed one for their business, research showed that 73% of people purchased a product after watching the supporting video.

Another way in which video comes into it’s own, is the often overlooked ‘How To’ or educational based video.  97% of businesses reported that they use video to inform customers either how to use their products or to help understand their business better.  I bet at one time or another, you have also gone looking for a how-to video on YouTube and been pleasantly surprised at the advice given or shown.

In another study, the Aberdeen group reported that 66% of business that used video achieved 65% more qualified leads per year and that video marketers achieve a 54% increase in brand awareness too!

Here’s an example story video:

It’s clear then, that video is a massive benefit to businesses today!  The beauty of video is that they can be used so widely across any business too and they can be used for entertainment or information meeting all customer and support requirements.  So to help you, we’ve put together these quick 7 ways that you can use video in your business and get results:

The Promotional Video

This video helps push your product, service or business out into the world without over explaining exactly how everything works.  The idea is to keep these videos as short as possible and to ‘hook’ your audience so that they wish to know more and then ultimately contact you.

The Educational Video

These are short videos with the aim of educating your clients or prospects.  They are usually between 2-5 minutes long but depending on the content could last up to 15 minutes or longer.  They are often used in house to inform teams or to support customers using your products or services.

The Story Video

This is a great way to introduce your business or your mission.  If you keep this to under 5 minutes you can easily inform people what you’re all about.  If you’re after brand loyalty or want to show how you’re different, these are great videos to have!

The Customer Use Case Story

What better than to hear from the horse’s mouth how great your business or product is?  These videos act like mini testimonials, but they also manage to convey feeling and context from your clients and those who use your services.  It’s much warmer than using plain text and an image.

Tutorial Videos

These are best used to walk clients through using your product and are often used within software companies to train clients remotely.  A quick watch of a video and generally you’ll be up to speed on how to perform a specific task or process, or how to use or configure a product.  They’re also great for when you launch new features and need to educate your client base quickly.

Personalised Videos

These are proving to be ever more popular.  They’re a bit like a video selfie where you record a video for a client and personalise it to them as if you’re there.  Let’s say you want to communicate how happy you are for them, you can use a video recording or as we like to call them ‘Videomail’ to leave that personal touch in their inbox.  It won’t go unnoticed.

Live Action Videos

Lights, cameras action!  These videos happen in real-time and are often bundled into webinars or live steams.  Get to interact with your audience with a live stream and live in the moment as you explain how to use a product or take like question and answer sessions.  It’s a great way to grow your outreach at scale and personalise your service offerings.

In the world of cloud computing you now have an abundance of options of how to create your company videos.  There are programs such as Camtasia and there are the old favourites used by media companies such as Adobe.  But an interesting new entrant is InVideo.  With InVideo you can create content from blogs and stock video and it’s aim is to speed up the video creation process.  They’re worth taking a look at.

Whichever way you choose to turn, why not contact us and we can advise the approach that would work best for your business and even generate the videos and content for you to get you noticed in your market.